*Help ARPO Petition DEA to Restrict Opioid Production !

by pjackson on November 5, 2011

ARPO Needs Your Help!

As you may or may not be aware, under the Controlled Substances Act the DEA must authorize each year the amount of Schedule I and II drugs that American drug companies are allowed to manufacture.  The biggest impediment to successfully addressing the prescription opioid epidemic is the massive oversupply of these drugs.  The federal government has allowed the drug companies to flood the market with these drugs, a significant percentage of which then becomes available on the street, and the deaths and addictions follow in lock step.  This initial point in the drug supply chain might be the point where we can have the most meaningful opportunity to effect a positive change.

DEA is now seeking comment on the agency’s proposed drug quotas for 2012.  Following is the Federal Register notice of the agency’s request for comment:


ARPO believes that we should all let the DEA know what we think of the agency’s plan to continue to permit the drug companies to produce huge amounts of opioid drugs for sale in this country as well as internationally.  We have until November 21st to submit comments electronically.  That gives us three weeks.  Please take the time to compose and submit your own comments.  A large outcry from all of us is our best way to have an impact.

Thank you!

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