*ARPO Issues Call for Help on FDA Opioid Proposal – Comments are Due December 7th!

by pjackson on December 6, 2011

The FDA has issued its proposal for educating doctors on the prescribing of long-acting and extended-release prescription opioids. ARPO is pushing for a large response – an outcry – of our members to the FDA. If you have read what they are proposing, you will share ARPO’s outrage at this weak and ineffective strategy for reducing death and addiction from prescription opioid drugs. Two fatal flaws are that the FDA is proposing to allow the drug companies to participate in the development of the educational program (yes, the fox is guarding the henhouse) and the training of doctors is optional – a doctor is not required to complete this training to be able to prescribe opioids. The deadline for comments is December 7th. FDA’s proposal (“FDA Blueprint”) and information on how to submit comments is included at the following link:


Please help ARPO by letting the FDA know exactly what you think of the agency’s proposal for solving the opioid epidemic! Thank you!

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