*ARPO Issues Call for Help on New Hydrocodone Approvals

by pjackson on May 5, 2012

On January 24th ARPO sent a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warning the agency of the new epidemic of death and addiction that would follow the approval of any new formulations of “pure”, extended-release hydrocodone currently being developed by several drug companies.  ARPO is asking all volunteers to help in the fight against the oversupply of prescription opioids by writing the FDA to let them know that we do not need any more prescription opioid drugs on our streets – it makes NO sense to continue approving more and more narcotics while the opioid epidemic rages on.

See ARPO’s letter to the FDA under “ARPO in the News”.  Please take the time to write to Dr. Hamburg at the FDA in the next few weeks to let her know how you feel.  It will take a nation-wide, grassroots effort to compel FDA to do its job of protecting Americans from the massive oversupply of legal narcotics.   WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Tell Dr. Hamburg and her colleagues at FDA to not even consider any new drug applications for pure hydrocodone.  If these new products are allowed to hit the marketplace, it would be the worst drug epidemic since OxyContin.

Please take the time to send FDA a clear message – NO MORE NARCOTICS!  Drop us a line and let us know when you have sent your letter.  Thanks!

Pete Jackson, President, ARPO

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