Call to Action! Prescription Opioid Protest at FDA October 29, 2012

by pjackson on October 18, 2012

 A Call to Action: Come and Help Pressure the FDA to Address Opioid Crisis and Overprescribing! On October 29-30, 2012 the FDA will hold a two-day meeting of the Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee to consider the risks and benefits of drugs containing hydrocodone.  This is a very important meeting, as FDA will consider whether to put drugs containing hydrocodone, like Vicodin, into the same category as OxyContin and Percocet, which is where they belong because hydrocodone, the active ingredient in Vicodin, is just as addictive as oxycodone and heroin.  This would limit the extent of medically-unsupported prescribing of hydrocodone, the prescription opioid that is causing the most harm to patients and non-patients alike.Today, Advocates for the Reform of Prescription Opioids, Inc. (ARPO) agreed to join with Avi Israel of Save the Michaels of the World and other organizations advocating for more reasonable prescription opioid prescribing policies in a peaceful demonstration at the FDA meeting on October 29th, which is being held on the FDA campus in Silver Spring, MD.In holding this protest, we are seeking to compel the FDA to meaningfully address the overprescribing of prescription opioids, which are harming patients and non-patients alike.  We need to make it abundantly clear to FDA that they must address the overprescribing NOW.  We will also press the FDA to agree to hold another meeting to discuss a Citizen Petition submitted by Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) that would address the overprescribing issue in a manner that is protective of all patients currently on prescription opioids (for details see link to article below).  We may also include a message directed at the meeting at hand, but the point is, the protest will address overprescribing of ALL opioids, including  hydrocodone.Please let ARPO know if you can attend the protest on September 29th by emailing us at  We will then keep you posted as details of the protest take shape!For more information about the meeting on October 29-30, go to the following link.  Thanks everyone!

Pete Jackson, President


For more information about the PROP Citizen Petition to FDA visit the following link:



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