Happy New Year ARPO Members and Friends!

by adatompson on December 28, 2015

We hope you had a peaceful and relaxing Christmas, but if Christmas is a particularly difficult time for you and your family we are glad you’ve gotten past it! As you may know, we at ARPO do not do much fundraising and we have seldom solicited donations from our members. However, as a founding member of the Fed Up! Coalition and with ARPO’s ongoing support of Fed Up!, the cost of our remaining a key partner in Fed Up! requires that we seek donations to replenish our depleted bank accounts. We are just about broke! We also need a small amount of funds to retain our corporate status, to keep our webhost service paid, and so on. If you can help us out with a small donation of any amount, we’d sure appreciate it! In Canada, send your donation to:

ARPO Canada
P.O. Box 188
Rosseau, Ontario
PoC 1Jo

In the U. S/, send your donation to:

P.O.Box 9069
Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Also, just a reminder that we need ARPO members to send comments in support of the CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines. Comments are due by January 13th.

Post your comment here

If someone you know was harmed by opioids prescribed for pain, please mention it in your comments. Or if you know of someone who was prescribed an excessive quantity of pills when only a few were needed, that is also good to mention. If you are the head of an organization, you can submit your comment on your organization’s letterhead.

Thank you!

The ARPO Board – Pete, Ada, Ellen, Kirk and Sandra

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