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Informed Care, Not Sales

Please help save lives!

By signing this petition, Canadians are asking government agencies to institute safeguards and laws for ethical evidence-based prescribing of opioid narcotics and for social responsibility, accountability and transparency of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Often the real risks of prescription drugs are unknown until it is too late. For the last several years we have witnessed an epidemic of death and addiction as a result of misinformation and the overprescribing of opioid narcotics. Patient safety must come before drug industry profit.

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ARPO Response to the Obama Administration “Epidemic” Prescription Drug Plan

The recently released Obama Administration prescription drug abuse plan, correctly entitled “Epidemic” and appropriately labeling the problem a “crisis”, was sorely needed and long overdue. While the plan’s inclusion of enhanced education, monitoring, disposal, and enforcement is commendable, its failure to incorporate several critical components of truly effective prescription opioid reform is troubling to a number of medical and advocacy groups, including ARPO. These omissions are similar to those of the FDA’s earlier REMS proposal which was termed “inadequate” by its own Advisory Committee, and unless they are corrected, will significantly limit achievement of the Administration’s stated goals.

Join ARPO in our fight to correct the deficiencies of the Obama Administrations’s “Epidemic” plan by signing our online petition.

By signing this petition you are asking your government to adopt more meaningful policies that will address the oversupply of prescription opioid drugs, including more stringent regulations that limit the prescribing of opioid drugs to those who truly need them, i.e. those suffering from severe acute pain and terminal cancer pain.